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Best Sex Positions for Men with Small Penis

Posted by on Jul 7, 2019 in Blog, Gallery, Our Services, Testimonials | 0 comments

Best Sex Positions for Men with Small Penis

Experts say that the average penis length is about 5.16 inches. If you have one that is shorter than that, then you’re statistically on the smaller than average side. But don’t freak out, most ladies anyway don’t mind. In fact, many studies concluded that women care less about penis size. And as the old saying goes, it’s not the size of the wave that matters but the motion of the ocean. But if you have a smaller penis, you may feel insecure, and that’s normal. However, you must remember most escorts/ spouses don’t want a man with a big penis but rather one who is good in bed. If you happen to have a smaller than average penis size, here are some four positions that are ideal for you to experience maximum pleasure. Modified Missionary If your manhood isn’t that big, you should skip positions like missionary which inhibit your thrusting abilities and make it difficult for her to feel you as deeply as you’d both like. However, if you insist on the missionary style, then ensure you go with the advanced one. Lie flat against her and be pelvis to pelvis then scoot up some inches before you can proceed to penetrate her and rock up and down instead of in and out. Doggy Style A general rule of the thumb for men with a small penis is to go for any position which will facilitate deep penetration. It’ll make you utilize the entire length of the shaft. That’s why doggy style is an excellent option. The good thing is that it’s not too complicated and it gives you a great view from behind. Plus, you can stretch your hand to rub her clitoris for more stimulation. Doggy style allows you to control the speed and pattern of your thrust to facilitate maximum penetration and pleasure. Two Spoons It’s a side by side sex style where your partner presses tightly against your back, butt and thighs. Two spoons is a super intimate position and leaves you concentrated in the act. Her vulva will be pressing against your pubic bone such that there isn’t any gap between your bodies. And since your hands will be free, you can play with her breasts or clitoris. Sofa Side Saddle Sidesaddle allows for full penetration and also makes the penis to make unparalleled contact with the vaginal walls. Sit on the edge of a couch in the living room and let your woman lower her body down over your penis. Having sex on the sofa rather than the bed is one of the best ways to spice up your sex life. Even as you try these positions, it’s essential to remember that the size of the penis doesn’t influence how good the sex will be. Good sex is a matter of communication, confidence, and using what you and your partner have to achieve consensual pleasure. You can try these positions with a partner or with one of the beautiful girls from Charlotte...

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